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Originally Posted by TheReturnofCed
The Cavs could have quite easily traded Big Z to Chicago for Tyson Chandler and a pick (say 16 this year).

They also could have made a better deal than what the Hawks could for JJ.

CT: Chandler/ Varejao
PF: Gooden/ Marshall
SF: James/ Jackson?
SG: Johnson/ Murray
PG: Snow/ Jones

That wins much more games than:

CT: Ilgauskas (can't run)
PF: Gooden
SF: James
SG: Hughes (can't shoot, lazy defender)
PG: Snow/ Jones

But they didn't do those deals last summer and this is the team we have. Hughes will be fine this season. Yeah hes overpaid but what are you goin to do about it now. Big Z was a bad signing but once again its not like this team had a bad yr or anything.
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