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Default I seriously feel sorry for the Redskins

They are really terrible yet spent Yankee-esque money this offseason in signing Haynesworth to a 100mil contract. They have a potentially top-tier with haynesworth in the middle and hall in the secondary. They also have the Clinton Portis, who was the leading rusher coming into the midway point last season until he got injured not to mention good wideouts and a stellar TE. Jim Zorn is actually a nice guy who could have been a good coach if it wasn't for the owner taking away his manhood on national television. They are getting straight housed by Atlanta.. it's not even a game. Every time the offense executes the defense knows exactly what their doing. Earlier in the game, the falcons rushed with three defenders and somehow got through their front 5 and sacked Campbell for a loss of 10. If I were the owner I could try to get haynesworth out of town ASAP.. yet how many teams want to take on a 100mil contract right now? The Redskins are in dangerous territory right now.. they have dug themselves into a massive hole and they aren't getting out anytime soon.
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