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Originally Posted by AKA AAP
They won't get anything back for Bynum. He's showed nothing but LITTLE potential. He should be a backup center, or third string center, for the rest of his career.
okay....c'mon... the boy is big.... very atletic and can block shots hes already better than most third string to say that he will be lower than that for the rest of his career is kinda stupid.... c'mon the boi is only 18 yrs old and is working wit k.a.j.....c'mon why trade 4 yrs. hes going to be sick.. why give up now..they need to keep that tellin u.. they donty make bois that big and athletic anymore... its hard to find a young big man thats very athletic and talented...why trade what we found
Remember....that dunk on shaq???
and he has no potential....c'mon now
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