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Default Re: Trying to get into WNBA basketball...

Originally Posted by Maniak
Is hard.

I mean, not only are the girls unsightly, but I really have trouble with enjoying the game. The girls have decent handles and most have good shooting strokes, but the lack of downlow presence is sad. Ive seen grade 7/8 games with better post presence than this. Also, the passing is very sloppy.

This league has a LOOOOONNNNNGGGG way to go before it is enjoyable. To make it better they need to work on the looks of the girls and dress them in bikinis.

You're never going to enjoy women's basketball when you look at it like that.
If you're trying to get into women's BASKETBALL you have to look at the players as BASKETBALL PLAYERS...not as chicks. You shouldn't be into the game for their looks.

If I can do it, so could you.
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