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Default Re: Does Karl miss JR?

Thanks for explaining, and its not like I think your totally wrong but still see some things different

1- I don't think jr and afflalo are comparable talents - jr is a whole level better, so your logical reasons get thrown out due to a huge talent difference

2-im not sure afflalo can gaurd good pgs so his defensive stopper role isn't as big if he's only covering 2/3's

3- I want a more efficiant jr, which to me means more of being a shooter than a dribbler and a creator- I think more time with billups and carmelo and less as option 1 would make jr an even more dangerous scorer without as many mistakes

4- your still being na´ve about getting 32 mins and not playing those first 12-16 mins

Why give the other team those 12-16 mins where one of the 3 perimiter players gets a soft matchup w afflalo when you could make 3 guys have to cover carmelo, billups, and jr- atleast 1 of those players will have a huge mismatch in their favor every time? Why let 1 defender "hide" every time?
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