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Bill Swerski
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He's a great shooter, and that's it.

He's already as strong and quick/athletic as he can ever be, and he's already as good a shooter as he can be.

Even with lots of work, he can never defend NBA 2's due to him being a f#@kin' midget.

Dude's shoulders are that of a 5'9" man...

...the only reason he's above 6 feet is that big-@ss horse head, and that long neck, wierd posture.

F#@k Ben Gordon, I say trade him while his stock is high, and play Rodney Carney or Andres Nocioni @ off guard, Deng @ small forward, Drew Gooden @ PF, and hope Tyson Chandler pans out, but draft Saer Sene, just incase Chandler stays in b!tch-type mode.
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