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Default Re: Trying to get into WNBA basketball...

Originally Posted by vectorbabe
If you think the girls are unsightly, you should look at the monster-men playing in the NBA.

Could those guys make themselves look any uglier?

Forget the tats. Those are just bad art.

But look at the corn-rows. The scruffy whiskers. And the uniforms that look about four sizes too large.

Have you ever seen such a bad hunk of brush under those arms when they go to dunk? Yuchhhhh! Trim that thin!

And with the way they sweat, you can smell them even through the TV set. Man, I don't know how Spike Lee manages to keep from barfing all over the Knicks' feet.

Plus, could the guys put on any uglier expressions. I've seen more pleasant faces on a bunch of inmates in prison.

Compare to the men, the women's game is a pleasure to watch.
but who the hell watches nba games with hopes of catching any eye candy???
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