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Default Re: Where has Carson Palmer repositioned himself among the elite QB's in the game?

Glove_20, stick to fantasy sports.

I don't put Brady and Brees on Peyton Mannings level. He's #1 imo. I think Brees is better then Brady too.

How is Brady not on Mannings level? Heck he's arguably better. And Brees better than Brady? Really no sound argument outside of I am a fan of Drew Brees.

It comes down to how well you perform, not what you potentially can do with your skill set

He's shown that. Sorry he couldnt remain healthy. Perhaps if some a-hole didnt dive into his knee? You wouldnt be placing Big Ben/Rivers above him.

When he's healthy there arent many Qbs I'd take over him in any situation. Cutler and clutch seem to be like oil and water. He has however been nice in Chicago given the lack of a OL. Eli Manning folds like a lawn chair under pressure and Rodgers hasnt been bad but I'd like to see how he fares vs the defenses Carson faces.

But given how much of a dbag Josh is being I really dont care to defend Palmer anymore.
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