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Default Re: Where has Carson Palmer repositioned himself among the elite QB's in the game?

Originally Posted by GOBB
1. You arent even gonna touch Carson Palmer vs Drew Brees. No shocker there

2. You are claiming to have known Miles Austin was a beast? You admitted in a thread you dont watch Dallas. So how did you know Austin was a beast for so long? Please by all means tell me that.

Such a bullshytter its not even funny. Played right into my trap.

I never said I never watched Dallas. Of course I've watched them. But not as much as a fan would. Thats also something you have created in your mind. Along with mixing things up, like I know FF and not real life. It was actually the exact opposite, I was asking for FF advice, and was confident in my real life knowledge. Not so confidnet with stats and FF. I've actually never posted a NFL stat.

I can even tell you where these mix-ups originated. In the NBA, I'm known to not watch games, and be good at fantasy basketball, know stats, etc. Well at least according to you. NFL is the exact opposite though GOBB.

Just clearing misunderstanding. Miles Austin, I knew he was a breakout player from preseason.

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