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Default Re: FINISHING AT THE RIM using Athletic ability

Originally Posted by MannyO
Im athetic, 5'10 145 lbs and also pretty strong. I have recently been trying to learn to use the up and under type of layups. I can do them well without defense but with defense its harder because people are grabbing at the ball and all. Back in like 8th grade I used to be crazy with it doing up and under reverse layups and such and I think thats how I build my athleticism but I slacked off. So I want to know how I can finish at the basket with these athletic moves and with contact. Help please.

It's kind of weird giving you advice because I'm also 5'10" and 145 lbs. I'm pretty sure that we have similar skills, based on your posts.

I'd suggest doing something like this:

When I try to pull that off, I drive really fast, pump fake near the bottom of the backboard on one side of the rim, and do a babyhook(?) while gliding under the rim, and finishing with one hand.

Sometimes, when I get the cut right under the rim, I power dribble hard, go straight up and sneak the ball in.

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