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Default Re: the ~primetime~ midseason rankings for each position on the feild...

How is Tom Brady top three this year? You're just looking at the total stats he has produced and not game by game, in which case he wouldn't be ranked as high.

His first game, against Buffalo, he was missing open targets a lot. He played an average game given the amount of seperation his recievers got for him.

The Jets game he played bad.

Against Atlanta he again missed open targets again and again.

He didn't play particularly well against the Broncos.

His stats look good because he killed two teams that suck - Titans & Bucs - in back to back weeks.

I'd easily take Ben Roethlisbergers performance thus far over Brady, and probably Rivers as well. Not to mention guys like Brees & Manning. The way Palmer has been clutch, I'd probably take his play over Brady too. Romo has probably done just as good in the overall scheme of things.
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