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Default Re: Any 7-footer available?

Originally Posted by GUS DIDDLES
thats silly y would you want to get rid of TY
ok new trade idea

K-MART + 1st round draft pick (mabe 2 if needed)

and it works ive checkd on trade machine and dalembert dosent want to be there and we dont want Kenyons contract on the plus side their 2 bigs over 610 and together average almost 20 ppg and 12 rebounds and 2 block per game so yeah this would be my option

Speights is their #1 big man right now, I think that is an easy no from the philly side- reason I thought maybe jason smith could be had is because of how well speights is playing

Jason smith would be a great fit on the nugs because he has perimiter shooting and passing skills to offset carmelo and nene's low post games
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