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Default Re: What A Worthless Team

Originally Posted by gasolina
Last night's game was our team in a nutshell. We got destroyed by a team with a lot less talented players than we have. We're like the new york knicks part 2.
Its only going to get worse once Iverson returns and they place all of the blame for this season on him.

Mike Conley is a Bust, its safe to say. He could be a decent reserve PG in the NBA but not a starter.

OJ Mayo is a ballhog, for all the talk he has about being a PG he certainly doesn't demonstrate it on the court. He wants the ball in the half court but doesn't want to create for his teammates.

Rudy Gay is a ballhog, hes playing for a contract in 2010 and everybody knows it. Hes the only thing carrying us this far.

I am starting to like ZBO, only because hes consistent with rebounding & scoring.
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