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Default Re: FINISHING AT THE RIM using Athletic ability

Originally Posted by Swaggin916
Well this is true... but he could do it in a year. At 145 He probably hasn't lifted many weights, and you can easily gain 30-40 pounds in a year with a good workout program.

Being only 5'11, I find that undisciplined defenders who are taller than you almost always go for the shot block so pump fakes work great... so a dribble drive with a pump fake then a little side step lay in (or something like that) is a good option. If they are disciplined and don't bite on it, well then dish it out and then go to option b.

nope I lift weights a lot but just not for mass especially when playing basketball. I just wanted strength, explosiveness and quickness. In the offseason Ill consider adding weight but tryouts are in 4 days so too late now. The pump fakes work well against almost all players my age because they just want to abuse the shot. When going for a layup like automajic said maybe if I jump into the defender and put the body on them I can get the leverage and finish.
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