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Default Re: Are we better when TJ doesn't play?

I want Earl to start and TJ to be 6th man, play an expanded version of the kind of role we have Head in, instant offense basically. Earl's had some really nice games and there's no question the offense runs better with him at the helm. But TJ is far from useless, if he were allowed to play to his strengths he'd be great. He's tried to be a more traditional distributing 1 this year, but it's just not his game. You don't make the most of your talent by forcing them to play to their weaknesses. If TJ's suddenly off the roster, who've we got to potentially close a game but Danny? People overlook TJ's ability and confidence to get us a big clutch bucket.

I want nothing to do with that Dalembert trade. While the salaries are a wash it decreases flexibility. Instead of 2 expirers at around $8mm and $6.5mm we've got one big ass $13mm one. I'm not against trading Jeff, but ONLY if it's a clear benefit talent wise to the franchise, and Dalembert isn't. Jeff's all but a given to have a front office position with the franchise when he's done, and I'd prefer to extend the same type of loyalty to him that he has us.
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