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Default Re: Bears need to clean house and start all over again.

I'd rather have someone like Holmgren/Shanahan run the ship because at least they know what an offense looks like. Hire a solid defensive coordinator and this team might look good again in a few seasons. Right now the ship is sunk and there is no reason to watch this franchise go through another 5-7 win campaign next season with a lame duck GM/coach.

The McCaskeys are not gonna eat the last two years of Lovie's contract then bring a bigger name coach who's gonna demand top dollar

Fire the coaching staff, fire the GM, get rid of most (if not all) of the scouts and blow this thing up now before it starts looking like what the Redskins have gone through for the past few years. Those 2 (Angelo/Smith) are about to go into desperate mode and start overpaying mediocre/want-away players because they have no high draft picks.

Yep, they are shot in the draft for the next couple years.

1) Head Coach/GM are married to a system that is becoming more ancient every NFL season.(cover 2) Mix that in with the coaching staff's inability to make very few players better while with the Bears and it's looking like a disaster.

The problem I have with the cover-2 is that it's too precise and you have to have the absolute right type of players from top to bottom to make it work. If one player misses their gap, boom...40 yard pickup for the offense.
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