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Default What is wrong with Elton Brand?

Philly fans, please no Brand haters only unbiased people who will tell it like it is. Why can't Brand do anything? 9 ppg for this guy who you paid 80 million for and who is 20 ppg for his career? First month last year when he said he was playing at "50%" on one leg he was doing 17 ppg 10 rpg which wasnt too bad, then he has the summer to heal up from everything and says hes 100% and comes out with 9 ppg 5 rpg? wtf? Does he just suck? Or does he not fit the system? If he doesn't fit the system why would EJ design his system not to work for his highest paid players strengths? Why does he not play in the 4th quarters? You have to play 2 bigs right... Speights is probably your best, and why not EB next to him? Instead it's Dalembert or Jason Smith wtf.

What is going on with EB42 in a nutshell... I saw this guy today v. Utah he looked pretty good honestly, finished 2 nice and1's hit a nice mid range J but wasn't on the floor much for some reason. I also believe he had a and1 dunk showing athletic ability they say he was robbed of.

Talk to me Philly people.
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