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My take on Bynum is that some people overhype him because of the fact that he is so young and big and has "potential". It takes more than that to guarantee succeww. Does he have a great future? I think he does but there is absolutely no certainty. He has shown nothing this season. His dunk on Shaq is the highlight of the season. I don't doubt he is doing decent in practice and improving but he really has nowhere else to go but up. We need to see it translate come game time.

He will progress slowly and he could develop into the type of Center the Lakers envisioned when they drafted him, but right now he is what he is: A very raw Center whose future is very cloudy.

What will he command in a trade? I don't know. Teams have asked for him (Indiana, New York for example) but did they ask for him because they were high on him or because there isn't anything else on the Lakers worth asking for? Probably a mix of both and in the end it could get a good return but given his "potential", he should just be kept.
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