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Default Re: FREEEEEEEEE OJ Mayo !!!!!

Originally Posted by B-Easy
we know Mayo can score, hes proven it. What about the other areas of his game? cant blame Gay for everything... Mayo needs to step up his defense, his playmaking.

As it stands right now, what makes him so different than the rest of the players on the Grizzlies? hes proven he can score 1 on 1 and make open shots, and hes shown nothing on defense and nothing outside of scoring. And im saying this as a fan of his from watching him at USC when he was locking people up and showing good playmaking.

Mayo is just tired of the loosing and just isn't given the effort. I don't blame him, they aren't putting a watchable product on the court. I have a hard time watching the garbage I am seeting form this team.

To answer the question B-Easy. It is the system that is shackling Mayo. Hollins is a Conley Man. Basically Conley dribbbles for 20 seconds half the time going no where. Then Hollins makes Mayo stand in the corner, while Mayo is folding his arms. Mayo should have the ball every possession to try to make a play. There is a reason he was the #1 ranked HS player for his class since he was 13. And his assists numbers are quite skewed. The reason Randolph, and Gasol are putting up big numbers is because of OJ Mayo. He is the only Grizzlies trying to feed them the ball on a regular basis down on the post. It takes both Gasol and Randolph 10 seconds to make their move so Mayo never gets credited for the assists, and that's why the Grizzlies have the lowest assists per game in the NBA. It really isn't as much one on one play as ppl like to make it out to be except for Gay he is just playing for stats so he can get his 60 million dollar contract this off season

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