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Default Re: FREEEEEEEEE OJ Mayo !!!!!

Originally Posted by lilojmayo
What was Mike Heisley thinking. Rudy Gay was cancering Mayo enough. We didn't need to add more ball dominate players to take away Mayo's shots. Which sadly has happened.

With guys like Tyreke Evans, Brandon Jennings showing what they can do when their cancers are injured ( Kevin Martin, Michael Redd), I just can wait when Gay leaves this summer ( he will, FA, we didn't extend his contract ). The terror Mayo will start doing to every single team in this league. Mayo's 40 point game 17-25 shooting was just a small fraction of his potential. He didn't even get his enough shots up that game because Gay was chucking not passing Mayo the ball. Fire Hollins also. Until we get rid of Conley, Gay, Hollins all we can say is.

The Mayo fans please Rock this caption image on every post from now on.

Isn't Gay shooting a higher FG% then Mayo?
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