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Default Re: NFL fines Ochocinco $20,000 for joking about bribery

You dudes are tripping. Was it funny? Yes I laughed. But it was embarrassing if you are the NFL to have someone compromise the integrity of the league for giggles. The problem is that type of behavior shouldnt be tolerated. Ocho gets away with alot without getting fined. But he crosses the line knowingly and is willing to pay the fine to make us laugh. You have another league named the NBA going thru drama about fans questioning officials and even the league being "in" on games. Why would you allow a player to do what Ocho did?

Even his coach Marvin Lewis said it was a bad move and something you just dont do. And the $20,000 compared to what Ocho makes for a game? Doesnt compare. He probably has $20,000 hanging on one of his ear lobes. Fines have to be somewhat significant given what these dudes make. Or else they all would be taking BS $100 fines to show thier asses. NFL has made a change with player conduct and guess what? Its working.
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