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Default Re: Who will have the better career: Thabeet or Blair

Wowee, we are jumping to conclusions in this thread.


1. Thabeet was drafted as a project centre. He is 7'2 and 270 pounds. He is athletic and has a great work ethic. So logically within 3 seasons he will be the Grizzlies starting centre, and will average Mutombo like numbers.

2. Dejuan Blair has no ACL's. He had surgery on both in High school, and over time they have diminished to nothing. This leaves him at very high risk of knee injury, and when you add the fact he carries alot of weight it is unlikely he lasts more than 4-5 seasons.

Thabeet should be playing 20 mins every contest. The more he plays the quicker he will get more aggressive and become more effective.
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