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Default Knicks fans gotta deal

It's interesting how fake some Knicks fans are.

They complained for so long about the Layden/Thomas years where they doled out big contracts to veterans, instead of gutting the roster and rebuilding.

They said they had the patience to go through the rebuilding process.

Now we see how fake some Knicks fans really are. They say one thing, but they really don't mean it.

The Hawks had to gut their roster and go through some awful seasons. But now, after suffering through that, the team has a lot of young, talented players, and the team is very competitive.

The Knicks have to have a couple of bad seasons where they clear out the locker room of old guys, put in younger guys and get those younger guys experience.

Really the Knicks ought to go ahead and buy out some of the veterans - Hughes, Harrington - and give more minutes to the younger guys. That's the only way those guys can get better.
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