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Default Re: True or False: Brandon Jennings 2010 All-Star

Originally Posted by ChuckOakley
If his team continues to overacheive, and no other guards in the East besides Wade and JJ stand out, I think he has a shot.


Look to be his main competition.

Arenas' team sucks
Rondo has to contend with PP, KG and Allen for votes
Rose has inferior stats to Jennings all across the board

JJ looks to be a lock
Wade loocks to be a lock

The reserves are picked by the coaches right? So the voting doesnt matter here. So even if Jennings would have more votes from the public than Rondo, the coaches can pick Rondo if they want to. But yeah Jennings has a shot if he keeps playing like this. He's the star player on his team.. and both he and his team are doing better than expected by many.
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