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Originally Posted by Doomsday Dallas
In 9 games... They have scored a total of 78 points. (if i remember corectly)

I think Oakland has only scored 88.

I can't remember a year in the NFL when I've seen 6 teams as bad as this.

Let me rank them:

32. Cleveland
31. Tampa Bay
30. St. Louis
29. Kansas City
28. Oakland
27. Detroit

6 teams of pure $hit.

How did Philly lose to Oakland?

How did Dallas almost lose to KC?

How the hell did TB beat GB?

And who the hell did Ceveland beat anyway?
the ticket had a rant about Cowboy fans and how furious we get when we lose, and how after the Green Bay loss it just make the entire week gloomy...

then they just put it into perspective with Cleveland and what those guys have to go through...

you aren't a real fan unless you stick through the tuff times...and that is why it erks me when I listen to Cowboy fans taht do nothing but b*tch all about the team, they just come off so fair weather to me...

only real fans go through hard times...the fans that don't see hard times aren't real fans...
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