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Default F U Mike Conley

Just thinking about the state of our team, and I noticed how much Mike Conley have indirectly derailed this team.

First off, he was picked in 2007, the same year when we had the best changes to nab Oden or Durant or Horford. Gasol and Horford woul'dve been nice. Maybe this was the start of the curse.

In his rookie year, he got injured quite early and he never really got comfortable with the team.

Last year he was battling it out with Kyle Lowry. Under Iavaroni, Conley just sucked balls. He managed to turn it around under Hollings which gave us a glimpse of what he could be. He also started shooting the three.

This year he's back to sucking again, but not so much. During the draft, we get lucky and get #2. Though our choices were either Rubio, Harden or Thabeet, I can't fail to mention that the decision to pass up on Rubio might be because Conley was playing well late last season. We ended up with Thabeet who hasn't done anything worthwhile other than getting his jaw broken by a teammate.

What if we didn't get lucky and got the 5-7 range? Could we have picked Jennings? I doubt because there's Mike Conley.

Jennings, Evans, Flynn, Lawson, maybe even Rubio, were all afterthoughts during the draft because of Mike Conley.

End rant
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