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Originally Posted by Doomsday Dallas
In 9 games... They have scored a total of 78 points. (if i remember corectly)

I think Oakland has only scored 88.

I can't remember a year in the NFL when I've seen 6 teams as bad as this.

Let me rank them:

32. Cleveland
31. Tampa Bay
30. St. Louis
29. Kansas City
28. Oakland
27. Detroit

6 teams of pure $hit.

How did Philly lose to Oakland?

How did Dallas almost lose to KC?

How the hell did TB beat GB?

And who the hell did Ceveland beat anyway?

Yeah, the Bucs are 1-7, but doesn´t mean they are worse than the Rams, Oakland, Kansas and Detroit, come on man, we have been in more close games against better teams than those crappy teams, we have put some battle in most of games, we´ve lost because a new and crappy defense, but i think we would beat all those teams, oh and BTW we have a Franchise Qb, can you beleive it ?!
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