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Default Re: Brandon Jennings scores 55 points in Bucks win over Warriors!

Originally Posted by GOBB
adamcz so basically G_train is lying or exagerrating because _________?
Because if he isn't, then he watches enough tv to look like his avatar. I know a lot of really hardcore basketball fans, but I don't know anybody who has already seen all of the lotto-bound non-televised teams 3 and 4 times each, in addition to watching college games and euroleague games. Do you know anybody like that other than maybe a video coordinator for an NBA team or a professional scout?

I watch almost all of the Bucks games plus maybe one additional game a week, and even that takes up around 10 hours of time. That's a lot of fricking tv! If I were to expand that to include watching multiple Kings, Thunder, Wolves, Clippers, Warriors, Kentucky Wildcats, and Olympiakos games, I guess I would be watching 30-40 hours of tv per week?
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