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Originally Posted by ~primetime~

^^^ from Monday Night Football

sorry, couldn't help myself, you were the first thing I thought about when I saw that sign since you made that rant about why you hate Baltimore...
I saw it. The sad thing is, even as bad as this team is, having them totally embarrass the city each week is better than those three years we went without a team. That was pure hell. Keep in mind that it was really before fantasy football jumped off, so Sundays were a total loss. There was nothing to root for... No interest.

That said, what is happening in Cleveland is very sad. Did you notice the crowd Monday night? It was f#cking totally packed and the stadium was rocking. The crowd willed that team to a 0-0 tie at half. Have you ever seen a city with a team this bad support it in such a way? Could you imagine what it would be like if we were mediocre and not horrendous? I'm not even saying good... Just mediocre.

It is really the NFL's loss to have a team in Cleveland be this bad. I've said it many times before and I stick by it... We have the best, most loyal fans in the league. What we've been through... And we keep coming back for more.

Lerner needs to sell the team or hand all personnel decisions (coaching or otherwise) to a competent GM. That is the only way of fixing the situation.

As for Baltimore... I never hated them more than I did Monday night. That should be our team. There is a reason why Art Modell has a longstanding oath that he will never step foot in Cleveland again. The guy has piles and piles of death threats (not that I condone that... ) saying that if he is seen in the city, he is done.

The funny thing is, I'm not even sure that Baltimore fans know how much their team is despised. They seem relatively oblivious (and totally hypocritical).

I'm looking forward to the Draft... That is the one time per year that Cleveland fans can get genuinely excited. Maybe we'll take a big name? Maybe he'll turn things around? Maybe we'll trade down for more picks and address many positions? The possibilities are endless.

Sunday's during football season? There is only one possibility... Embarrassment.

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