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Default Re: Bengals to sign LJ?

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
I disagree. When I watch the Bengals, the one thing that I think makes them so good this year is the chemistry that they seem to have with one another. The guys on the field and on the sideline seem to genuinely like each other and that is important in football.

Why mess with that chemistry by bringing in a malcontent like LJ? He has proven over and over that he is out for himself and he'll begin whining if he isn't given what he sees as a sufficient amount of carries per game.

I just don't get it... The Bengals' running back situation seems fine to me. I like Bernard Scott and Ced Benson as a tandem. Benson has now already come out and said that he is upset with this move.

The Bengals are doing so well.... Why even risk it? This makes zero sense to me.

I'm just banking on the fact that he'll be happy going to a winning team, he knows that this is his last chance, keeps his mouth shut, and becomes another Cincinnati reclamation project.

If something like this throws off the harmony of the entire team, well then.....maybe they aren't that good after all.

I hear ya about the character concerns. They are really disturbing. If any of that resurfaces, they can get rid of the problem immediately without it being too big of a cost to them.

What's ironic is that if the Steelers had signed him like some were saying last week, I'd be saying "oh look at them getting that locker room cancer!" Of course now, I'm sitting here trying to spin this in a positive way
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