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Default Re: Knicks will NOT offer Iverson a contract

Walsh is an idiot. I don't see how anyone fits into D Antoni's offense more than AI, and gives them a better chance to score up and down the court while creating attention the other team has to respect. There is barely anyone on the roster right now that teams need to worry about. AI is like the perfect player for D Antoni's offense its laughable Walsh would be against it so much, while signing all of these scrubs.

I can't even see how character issues and things like that enter the equation here since they can cut his ass at any time, and are only committing a veterans minimum. They basically have nothing to lose by doing it, and its not like the team isn't already a mess right now.

This is just typical NBA GM stupidity, where any fan can do better. There are so many retarded GM's in the NBA that its amazing how some of them reach such lofty positions with power to control franchises. *cough* Steve Kerr...
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