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Default Re: Knicks will NOT offer Iverson a contract

Originally Posted by tontoz
You know you are a cancer when the Knicks are concerned about you disrupting their "chemistry".

what chemistry? Anyone watch the Knicks lately and see one iota of chemistry? its so stupid because they have nothing to lose. They aren't even playing Nate Robinson much either, and letting Larry Hughes run the show. I swear the Knicks personnel dept has always been pretty awful given they are the Mecca of basketball a lot of NBA stars would like to play for, and they've never gotten a true superstar since Ewing. They way over-achieved during the Alan Houston, Mason days where they still didn't have a superstar player other than a old Ewing, and the closest since is David Lee now.

They really should've let PDiddy buy the Knicks, i bet they would've made a lot more sensible decisions.
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