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Originally Posted by ClutchCityReturns
You say Ronnie Brewer is highly overrated, yet your own "bet" regarding him is in terms of all-star appearances. How do you explain that when this draft is filled with guys projected to be solid role players throughout most of the Lottery? Saying Brewer won't make an all-star game is pretty much irrelevant, is what I'm saying. Saying he won't make All-Rookie 2nd team or better, that he'll never be a starter, or that he'll never average more than 10/5 would be saying something...

OK I predict the highlight of his career will be making the all-rookie 2nd team if he manages to be a defensive specialist in his first year.

He will never do any better than that unless he shorts out that crooked jumpshot.

Career projections:
1. Brandon Roy- Future Allstar.
2. JJ Redick- Starter for most of his career.
3. James White- Starter/ All D.
4. Rodney Carney- Starter.
5. Maurice Ager- Starter.
6. Ronnie Brewer- Reserve or specialty starter if his D improves. Stacey Augmon at best.
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