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Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
I actually like Bradford a lot. I think he is the best QB in this class by far. He has a strong arm and is accurate, but the most amazing thing to me about the guy is his quick release. It may be the best release I have seen since Dan Marino.

If we are going in the direction of a QB, I'd go with him. That said, there are so many holes to fill. You could put a prime John Elway on this team and our offense would still stink. We have no playmakers at RB or WR or TE and the right side of our line is atrocious.

The defense actually isn't bad. They just consistently get worn down because the offense can't move the ball. We need to go offense... The question is where?

Yeah that really is the question. Trading Braylon left the team with no playmakers to build an offense around. If you dont draft Bradford it would prob be best to just go with the best avaiable at WR or RB. Dez Bryant and I think an explosive playmaking runner can be gotten in the 2nd or 3rd rounds such as CJ Spiller, Joe McKnight, DeMarco Murray, etc. My favorite out of those backs has to be CJ Spiller and McKnight. Both very explosive, McKnight in particular has impressed me a lot this year.

The player I really look forward to entering the NFL is Jaquizz Rodgers. He is small but he is so quick and elusive. I'm very excited to see how he pans out as an NFL player.
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