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Originally Posted by Xiao Yao You
we? Who else even posts here?
Which again is who? You? Who are all these others you claim to be around getting irritated by my posts other than you?
The thread has 342 views. If even one other person has read this sorry conversation, they deserve an apology.

As should have been expected based on their horrible off-season. Are they really playing much worse than at the end of last season though? Were you paying any attention at all last year? They got healthy and if not for Amare's injury they would have been in the lottery.
You clearly weren't if you think we are playing on the same level as last year. Nobody is going to agree with that.

Because that was my opinion. Simple enough for ya?

I'm not asking for simple. I'm asking for you to explain your opinion.

I answered your question "How do you explain them playing the same way last year when there was plenty of motivation than?"
Motivation seems like a very reasonable explanation. I defended my opinion, but you refuse to defend yours. I fully expect to see another Jerry Sloan tangent to try to explain a difference by denying a constant. Please surprise me.
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