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Default Re: Peyton Manning Greatest QB of all-time

I've went over that with you before. Peyton played below average is his first two games of that playoff, and it was the ONLY time up to that point where the Colts overcame average/below average games from him and won the game in the playoffs. If the team didn't pick up the slack, Peyton would still be ring-less....much like Brady wouldn't have those 3 rings.

In Pittsburgh' playoff last year, Ben played very well against the Chargers, and average against the Ravens (one of the best defenses, though... so it's not like he played "ok" against a 20th ranked defense) and then we all know how he capped off the superbowl.

I'd argue that overall, he played better in the post-season than Manning did in his superbowl winning post-season, and all but one of Brady's post-season.
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