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Default Pacers/Nets Idea

Brandon Rush is TERRIBLE. His shooting is showing no signs of getting better, and I don't see his value going up anytime soon.

Obviously the Nets are dreadful... And even though they're completely injured, they still may be up for a trade... Maybe we could sell them some "defense" with Rush.

Think they'd bit on a

Rush + Diener + 1st round pick


Courtney Lee + Eduardo Najera?

They have Najera signed for three more years making 3mil a season, seemingly a contract they'd like to have disappear. The Pacers could take his terrible deal, along with Lee for Rush, Diener, and a 1st round pick from next season or the year after.

I think the nets may be weary on this deal, just because they bought HIGH from Orlando, by moving VC, Ryan Anderson, etc... But this move could really help them. The Nets automatically save over half a mil on the deal, plus the three years the lose off of Najera.

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