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Yeah, I was going to really get into the comments about how he can't shoot, but I knew you'd come handle that anyway. In fact, anytime someone posts on the Clutchfans message board about how they are scared of Brewer because "he has an ugly release", I think to myself "Heads would roll if Fatboy posted on this board".

The way people judge players in the draft is so damn stupid at times. Some guy made a post saying all this stuff about draftees, very matter-of-factly, yet it was obvious that he hadn't seen them play and he hadn't even been keeping up with the draft. He said Carney had a "monstrous 40+ inch vertical" (which is actually 38.5), Redick is only 6'3" (he's 6'5"), and that Randy Foye plays exactly like Luther Head.

I mean, I don't think any of us fans on a message board are claiming to have watched full games of every single guy in the draft, but damn. I don't go saying "this guy won't amount to anything because he's a bricklayer" just because I've read that he's got a funky looking shooting form.

I have only seen highlights of Brewer, sure, but if there's one thing I know most about basketball it's shooting. What I see on Brewer's shot is wide elbows, which would normally be a red flag. Anyone with a brain knows to look past that, though. His release isn't slow. He gets great elevation from the floor. He squares his body nicely. He gets a smooth rotation on the ball. He gets a nice arc on his shot. I don't care how his arms look...all those signs point to a very healthy shot.

Lastly, his percentages are good. 51% from 2 and 34% from 3 over his college career are in no way, shape, or form BAD. Just as an example, nobody would be unhappy with 38% from 3, but in reality that's only 4 more made 3's for every 100 taken. Big deal. There's absolutely no reason that Brewer shouldn't be considered in the Top 5 SG's in this draft, much less if it's because of his shooting ability. That's just retarded.

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