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Default Monta Ellis improving?

i was noticing that his defense was getting better when the season started but i didnt think it was great defense until the portland game he pretty much shut down brandon roy

can he keep it up or is this just a rare thing?

i say he will do better defensivley but wont be a shut down defender,his steals though will be great

Maybe Monta Ellis is ready to shoulder a heavier load, after all.

The guard carried the Warriors to a 108-94 win over streaking Portland, recording a season-high 34 points and adding eight assists, six rebounds and six steals in front of 18,630 fans at Oracle Arena on Friday night.

Ellis had said he wouldn't accept added responsibilities since his best friend and team leader Stephen Jackson was shipped to Charlotte on Monday. However, he did a little of everything Friday, proving the Warriors are officially his team.

"With what I did on the defensive end, getting everybody involved and being out their leading players and making plays for others, you could say that," Ellis said. "If people want to say it's my team, then it's my team, but I've got soldiers behind me who are ready to go with me.

"We're all going to put it together and make this one, big, happy family."

Ellis played all 48 minutes for the shorthanded Warriors (eight players), filled the stats sheet and made life miserable for all-star Brandon Roy for the majority of the game. He and Roy entered the game as two of only seven players in the league averaging at least 19 points, four rebounds and five assists.

Ellis won the duel, limiting Roy to 17 points on 6-of-17 shooting and two assists. After an Ellis fourth-quarter steal from Roy led to a dunk, he added cheerleader to his many duties, urging the crowd to stand as Portland called a timeout with 8:43 remaining.

"We just played off the hot man, and that was Monta Ellis," coach Don Nelson said. "That's as good as I've seen him on both sides of the ball."

It appeared early that the Trail Blazers were going to reverse the trend. They scored 37 points in the first quarter - their highest output for any quarter this season - and shot 68.4 percent on their first 19 shots. Once Ellis proved he didn't need a double team to guard Roy, the Warriors limited Portland to 33 percent shooting the rest of the way.

"I think Monta set the precedent high by going out there and going head-up with Brandon Roy," Morrow said. "He had an all-star performance, and everybody followed his lead."

my favorite part about this is that monta actually sounded like a leader after saying that he wont be anymore vocal after jack left

again can monta keep this up or is he just acting it right now because they won the game?
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