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Default Re: Wesley Matthews

If even one other person has read this sorry conversation, they deserve an apology.

From you maybe for continuing to speak for others.

You clearly weren't if you think we are playing on the same level as last year. Nobody is going to agree with that.

They won 48 games last year and barely made the playoffs and are over .500 now including 2 wins over a team that has dominated them for a decade or more and in 7th. They finished horribly last year once Boozer was back in the line-up. Don't see this big difference you're geting all worked up over.

Motivation seems like a very reasonable explanation. I defended my opinion, but you refuse to defend yours.

I do? I've said all along if you watch other teams load up while making minor moves despite having major holes in your rotation and counting on scrubs you're going to have problems and of course continuing to go on with the same coach that has never gotten the job done(happy?) this should be expected. Not to mention they are choosing to play short-handed despite having an open roster spot. No excuse for that. Just typical Jazz bull.

I'd say Boozer/Brewer/Fesenko/Matthews(the latter two who shouldn't even be playing) have plenty of motivation. Their coach("what could I do by calling a time-out" LOL!!!) hasn't looked motivated for a long time that much is certain.

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