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Default Re: Ridiculously Early Offseason Ideas

Originally Posted by el gringos
I was almost sure okc had your own and phoenix's 1st- before the season maybe some thought that meant 2 top 10 picks, now it looks like 2 picks in the teens
You'd love for monroe to be one of those picks, but I don't see him lasting that far-
I think its most likely that with.2 picks okc has to go big guy and a pg- for one there's not a lot at sg/sf anyway- or its go with 2 big guys
Best case is win a top.2 pick, go with motiejunas and then take willie warren or shved type backup pg or aldrich/robert sacre type big- I think you end up with warren or shved and aldrich or sacre
I agree that Monroe at 15 is a stretch and that we should go with a PG and a big man in the first round. Id be okay with taking both firsts and trying to trade up into the top 10. Maybe Utah would trade their first that belongs to the Knicks for our 2 firsts and a player (Collison, Ibaka, White).
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