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Default Re: Monta Ellis improving?

I'm not ready to get on the Ellis bandwagon after one good game. Having said was one hell of a game he had against the Blazers. I give credit where credit is due and Ellis played like a star player on both ends of the court. I would like to see him get his teammates more involved, but I'm not going to be nit picky. He had a great game.

In his rookie season, he went head to head with Deron Williams and shut him down for an entire game. Since then, his defensive inabilities have been noticed and documented throughout the league as well as sports writers. Lets see if he can sustain that high level of player for an extended period of time before annointed him anything.

And yes, he sort of sounded like a leader, but he did use the word "I" more than i would of liked. He pretty much said that he won the game himself.
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