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Default You can't do nothing to D-Wade," If you give him a hard look, that's a foul."

Pistons: Notebook

Chris McCosky / Detroit News wire services

Pistons escape Heat for 7th straight win

Refs swayed by Wade?

Rasheed Wallace fired up a shot and then threw himself to the floor. Then he got up, faked a limp and did it again.

"Working on my D-Wade flop," he said, laughing.

The dead-on impersonation of some of Heat guard Dwyane Wade 's theatrics actually had the entire team laughing during Thursday's shoot-around.

But Wade's flopping, and subsequent trips to the free-throw line didn't seem funny during the Pistons' 87-85 victory Thursday night.

"You can't do nothing to D-Wade," Wallace said. "If you say 'boogety-boogety booh' to him, that's a foul. If you give him a hard look, that's a foul."

Heading into Thursday, Wade had attempted a league-high 163 free throws -- 11.6 per game. He made 10 of 13 Thursday. Chauncey Billups leads the Pistons with 111 attempts.

But the Pistons aren't the only ones who think Wade might get a little extra protection.

"He gets all the calls, that's what makes him special," Bobcats forward Gerald Wallace said.

Said SuperSonics coach Bob Hill : "It's unbelievable what he gets away with."

Wade has taken the high road, telling the Miami Herald, "It doesn't bug me as long as the calls don't stop."

But Heat coach Pat Riley said the complaints are a not-so-gentlemanly form of gamesmanship.

"I think they are just playing a scam," Riley told the Herald. "They're just whining. I think everybody's just complaining to try to think they can get an edge and hope they will influence the officials in some way.

"Dwyane deserves what he gets. There isn't anybody in the league that attacks the basket more."

The Pistons' plan entering Thursday's game was to attack Wade first.

"One of the big keys for us is Rip (Hamilton )," coach Flip Saunders said.

"He's been very aggressive and has made Dwyane guard him and he's kind of wore him down. He's actually gotten Dwyane in foul trouble in a couple of games, chasing Rip around."
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