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Default Re: Monta Ellis improving?

I'm really excited about what I've seen from Monta lately... especially after we beat Dallas too. Wow! So few players to play, yet those players are playing... like contenders... like a team that has talent and gives a s**t. I don't know, but as a fan I'm excited. Things could end up going South for the rest of the season... I don't know, we are suiting only 8, and playing only 6 (for the last game against Dallas)... but hey, for the past two games I've been a happy fan.

It's good when you feel like your team has a chance, game to game.

Monta has been an all-star... the young guys have looked awesome (aside from occasional Randolph blunders)...

But, it's sure to eventuallly catch up to us. I look forward to Maggette getting back into the line-up. Hope the hamstring injury isn't a big deal. We're gonna need his scoring when the young guys inevitably go cold. Biedrens and Turiaf's size and talent will be needed as well. It's a long season... but at least, for the time being, there is hope.
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