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Default Re: Allen Iverson Retires

Originally Posted by Mateo
Good riddance. Allen Iverson is the poster boy for one of the worst eras in basketball history. He is the poster boy for:

A) Athletes who put put themselves above the team.
B) Athletes who only concentrate on scoring and areas that bring personal adulation.
C) Athletes who value personal adulation above winning.
D) Athletes who surround themselves with yes-men and never improve during their career.

There was a whole era of similar players, guys who came into the league with much hype and never lived up to the expectations because, well, they didn't want to. In their eyes they were already legends. AI is the poster boy for that type of player, that lost era of basketball.

My only regret is that this ended in retirement and not blackball. I wanted him to try and come back, but be rejected by every team.

Are you Tyronn Lue?
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