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Default Re: Pacers/Nets Idea


After looking a little deeper into it, since I think we can both agree we aren't too fond of Rush, how about this?

Pacers Acquire: Courtney Lee
Josh Boone

Nets Acquire: Brandon Rush
Travis Diener
Cash and/or 2nd Round Pick

When you think about it, we'd get ourselves a replacement SG in swapping Rush for Lee. Dumping Diener would give us 3 point guards in Ford, Watson, Price. Then, we only have 2 SF's (That's counting Dun Dun) and 2 C's (Foster and Hibbert). Adding Boone to play C would be a good pickup for us, and he's really not accomplishing all that much in NJ. With Roy's foul trouble, he could add another big body to work with.

Thoughts on that?
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