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Default Would this Lineup get the Jazz a championship in the next couple years?

As you all know, the Jazz have a chance at getting the #1 pick this year, and if that happens they'd be likely to take John Wall, so if that happens could this lineup garner a ring for D-Will and co. ?
John Wall (I hope they'd take him if they got the 1st, he may not be a 2 guard right now, but hes definitely tall and long enough at 6-4 to play 2 guard)
Wesley Matthews
Millsap (Boozer might come back if they actually do get the first pick)
Fesenko (Hes been locking up the paint very well this year)
Maybe Millsap, and Korver
Thats one deep team on the bench, and the starting five would be great. So do you think Wall would have a big enough impact to get the Jazz a championship?
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