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Default Re: Nets have fired head coach Lawrence Frank

Originally Posted by insidehoops
What's your take on how he did over the years, how he was doing this season, taking into account the roster as well as all the injuries, etc.
you can nitpick him for being very young, relatively unaccomplished, unauthoritarian in appearance and not always running the lineups the way fans would prefer ("sean williams deserves to start, yo!") but he was good to superb in all other areas i can think of, such as preparation, communication, X's and O's, conflict-resolution, play-diagramming, handling the press, holding players accountable for their actions, extreme dedication to his job, reputation among his peers and basketball's upper management, etc. it's a long list...

as for this season, based on how hard the players played, he did his usual quality job. but with four starters injured (harris, lee, hayes, yi) during most of this losing streak as well as having the bare minimum of players ready to suit up (eight) for so many games, he was pretty much doomed. even the greatest head coach alive would have been fortunate to coax a victory or two out of that situation.

i know one thing: if frank continues to coach at the level he does then i'll be a fan of his for life.

so i expect to have another team to root for pretty soon since frank should be a head coach again by the offseason at the latest. this seems pretty clear to me since the writers and league people have repeatedly indicated it.
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