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Default Re: The Big Tuna to Cleveland?

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
As a GM, there may not be a better guy on earth. It is no coincidence that Miami has gone from the cellar to a legitimate playoff contender in the couple of years since he showed up in town. He turns bad franchises around... That's what he does.

He would have his work cut out for him here, but it isn't like we have no talent to work with. He has turned around teams in as bad a shape as this one.
He might be the best GM, I don't know, but I do think alot of that is overrated...

I promise you that he has NOTHING to do with that wildcat offense in Miami...

He also drafted alot of guys in Dallas that just didn't work out that great (Barbie Carpenter)

He also likes to bring in alot players that he used to work with, Romo and Owens were not Parcells, he was all about Bledsoe and Keyshawn...

but yeah, he would bring an identity to the would be great for them I think
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