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Default Re: The Big Tuna to Cleveland?

Originally Posted by HisJoeness
I think that was part of the problem, I don't think he wanted to give Bill that control. That's why I think he usurped him on the TO thing, it was a battle of egos and as we all know megolomaniacs don't like to work for other megolomaniacs. But like I said this is my own Doomsday Dallas style conspiracy though lol.
ehh...Jerry let Bill do his thing for a while..."shop for the groceries"...but when it became clear that the Bledsoe/Keyshawn combo was lame, Bill had to allow the GM (Jerry) to do what a GM is supposed to do...manage the team...

also, alot of the fans where really just very unhappy with Parcell's conservative play was boring as hell

3rd and 12?...ok, run a draw play to get better punting position, that way we don't risk an INT either...that was normal Parcells, he NEVER took risks...
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